Managing the complex tax issues and adapting to continuous ongoing tax reforms and changes can drain resources, time and money to a great extent. By having direct access to partners and senior management, our clients receive customized solutions to their business needs.

We, at C&S always strive to provide an effective compliance services and in depth technical expertise across wide range of tax services.

Goods and Service Tax

Goods and Service Tax (GST) is the most important indirect tax reform in the country, which introduces a comprehensive indirect tax on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services throughout India to replace various taxes levied by the central and state governments. GST is levied and collected at each stage of sale or purchase of goods or services based on the input tax credit method. Changeover to GST will impact the tax structure, tax incidence, tax computation, tax payment, compliance, credit utilization and reporting, leading to a complete overhaul of the current indirect tax system followed by company. It is imperative for entities to study the far-reaching impact of GST on almost all the aspects of the business operations, i. e. pricing of products and services, supply chain optimization, IT, accounting, and tax compliance systems. We assist our clients in deciphering GST impact and  identifying risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities by providing following services:

Undertake comprehensive review of client’s existing business transactions, contracts, sourcing policies, pricing and distribution policies and analyse the GST implications on these.
Assistance in customizing SAP / other IT platform to obtain the data required for periodical compliances under the GST regime.
Providing advisory at the various level of client’s personnel on GST law so as to enable them to re-align and restructure their business processes and IT system.
Assist in testing whether the report generated by the system / the data provided by the system meets the GST requirements.
Advising on the other matters like registration, carryforward of cenvat balances and VAT credits, procedure for filing of returns etc.
Advisory on the information / data required by the client for GST compliance.