Team Speak

Lata Parulekar (Senior Manager, Taxation) 

I joined Chaturvedi and Shah in 2009 as Manager Taxation, in my journey from Manager to Senior Manager it has played a very vital role. The work culture, challenging work environment, supportive & encouraging colleagues and the value for employees is what makes CNS a comfortable place to work. In my 8 years of CNS career, it has provided me stress free working environment with excellent opportunities to prove myself in the field of Taxation. The proper allocation of work along with the responsibilities to tackle  situations, employee management relationships, client relationships is the base of CNS success. It is a family rather than a work place where I spend 80% of my day motivated to achieve my goals.  In my opinion it is one of the best CA firms which will definitely help you climb the ladder of success.

Priyesh Vira (Manager, Taxation)

I consider myself privileged to be part of the C&S journey since my article ship days. So one can say that my entire professional life of 10 years has been chronicled with C&S alone. The sheer time length suggests what fun, learning & satisfaction I have had working here. Work culture, work-life balance, exposure, independence you will find them all at C&S.

Mihir Vora (Assistant Manager, Taxation)

I have been associated with Chaturvedi & Shah (C&S) for over 6 years now.  C&S is a great place to work for numerous reasons, first and foremost the culture of the organization thrives on valuing employees through recognition programs and regular incentives, flexible work schedules, suggestions to change are received openly, great co-workers, friendly environment & lot of training opportunities. The senior staff really care for the employees & ensure they are motivated, plenty of celebrations and lot of reasons to celebrate. Not only do I feel like a valued employee every day, I am inspired by my peers and leaders to reach for the stars!

Shloka Shah (Assistant Manager, Taxation)

It’s been almost ten months since I joined the C&S family and it already feels like I have come a long way. The firm has given me opportunities to work on a wide range of assignments including compliance, advisory and litigation which has led to my remarkable growth, personally as well as professionally. What makes this place worthwhile the experience is the healthy work environment, flexible culture and easy going colleagues. There is no explicit hierarchy in the firm which makes it easier to dissolve the boundaries and work as a team. At the end of the tunnel, you realize that people here don’t compete with each other but simply work towards the growth of the firm and themselves. The positivity that C&S gets you to, I no longer feel the Monday blues!

Santosh Sahu (Manager, Audit)

Continuous & Sustainable growth i.e. Growth in CNS.  Great work environment and friendly culture for an overall professional growth.  Excellent exposure in the field of Audit and Assurance, we learn to accept challenges & work towards resolving and achieving our goals with no restrictions.  Being recognized, valued, and respected as an individual is part of sustainable organisational growth at CNS.  Hence, I believe for every Minute spent in CNS is an hour well earned.

Vivek Mehta (Deputy Manager, Audit)

It’s been a decade I have been working in Chaturvedi & Shah (CNS) and it has proved to be a very good experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’. CNS is a place where colleagues and seniors are always ready to provide their support. CNS provides freedom to work and has given me immense knowledge and lots of training opportunities. I have seen it grow multiple folds and it has huge potential to grow further and excel in what we serve to our clients. Hence, I am proud to tell people that I work in a Firm that promotes a healthy work environment.

Reena Gund (Manager IT-Infrastructure)

Chaturvedi & Shah gives me a platform to aspire and achieve in a healthy environment. Our firm encourages innovative thinking and gives an opportunity to blaze new trails and create new paths. The growth of an Organization lies in the growth & satisfaction of the employees. The core values, client commitment, work culture and the integrity of company’s management is remarkable. The management has always entrusted me with opportunities to work in cross-functional assignments with complete ownership & flexibility. I learnt that innovative changes & endless challenges drive us to achieve greater & greater heights.